British Bike Article

From Martin Harris:

I've attached some scans of an article in the now defunct "British Bike magazine".

I don't know whether copyright issues may stop you posting them on the site (I see you have a similar items) but you may not have seen it before?

I also have an article from Sept 89 Classic Bike on Cubs and Terriers  (by Mike Estall), and photocopies of  a "Motor Cycling" Cub roadtest from October '55 and a Super Cub test from "Motor Cycle" of 9th October '67 (I moved onto a Super Cub from the Terrier in early '72 - it had a vicious kickback for a small engine - I had hours of fun letting friends try to start it - it respected a firm kick but that was an aquired art!).

The last 2 were bought from one of the British classic magazines but I don't recall seeing any sign of these reprint services in either of the surviving magazines.  Their email addresses are and if it's any help.

Let me know if you want any scans of the above.

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