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The Classic Motorcycle

This page is the distribution point for the results of a project that has consumed many hours, but has yielded a useful product. It is an index of articles to two magazines -- The Classic Motorcycle, and ClassicBike -- British publications to which I have subscribed for years.

The file is text, with columns for subject, magazine code, month, year, and page, with a few key words last. I am distributing my index with some advice:
1) It has changed characteristics over the years. At first, I was interested only in motorcycles, and indexed only machine articles. Later, I began adding technology, fiction, personalities, and events.
2) It has occasional mistakes...
3) I never standardized on cataloging machines -- some are by model name, others model number, others displacement, and so on.
4) I'm interested in making improvements, so let me know what you think.
5) If another format than what I've used would be helpful, let me know.
6) I'm behind. Several years behind...
Happy researching!


Index of Articles

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