Mailing List


The Tiger Cub mailing list is a closed list.  You must be a subscriber to post messages to the list address.

What are you subscribing to?
The regular Tiger Cub mailing list may eventually distribute about 5 messages or more, per day, to each subscriber. These emails are created by you, the subscribers. They ARE NOT advertisements and NOT what we refer to as "spam" from vendors. They are general interest posts that are designed to reach people with similar interests world-wide. Your email address is not provided to any outside individuals or business from this list and I will absolutely never sell or otherwise make your email address available to others without your knowledge. I do remind you that publishing your email address on the People Page could result in harvesting by some company's but I think that is highly unlikely in this case.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing.
To subscribe to the Cub mailing list, send an email message to (the request address). The subject of the message should be SUBSCRIBE, the words SUBSCRIBE Cubs - youremail@address is all we need in the body of the message. If you have your email return address properly setup, you will be subscribed to the Tiger Cub Mailing List and will receive a request for confirmation that you wish to subscribe.  Once you have sent the confirmation you'll receive the message below from our auto responder confirming you are now a subscriber. Make sure you're using the correct address, as entered on your machine! Otherwise, your request will be forwarded for approval. Due to the vagaries of computer communication and weird software, not all mailing addresses are used correctly by the software people use to send and receive email. To ensure you have email directed where you want it, you must include your email address in the body of the message. Once you are subscribed, you will receive this message:

You have subscribed to the Triumph Tiger Cub Mailing List.

We hope to provide an active place for you to share information and make contacts with others interested in preserving, maintaining and riding all models of the Triumph Tiger Cub line of vintage motorcycles. Please respect our desire to limit postings to Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier related information.

To be removed from our mailing list, simply send an email message to requesting your name be removed, using "unsubscribe cubs [your email address]".

Please be an active participant and post often. The more information we post, the more information we share, the more knowledge we gain, the more fun we can have.

To post messages to the Triumph Tiger Cub mailing list, simply address your email to What you post here will be seen by all subscribers to this list.

Please do not waste bandwidth by trying to send HTML messages, MIME messages, photo's or scanned information to this list.

Who does your computer think you are?
The server uses the address value in your e-mail's From: field to determine how to talk to you. If your mail goes out with an incorrect From: line, you need to manually specify the correct address when you subscribe. Do this by specifying your correct email address at the end of your "subscribe" command, like this:

subscribe cubs me@my.other.address

When you attempt to subscribe at an address other than the one in your From: line, you won't get an immediate response. Your request is forwarded to the list administrator for approval. This usually happens quickly, but may take several days. In an attempt to prevent pranksters from subscribing and unsubscribing people, an administrator usually queries the address that will be subscribed or unsubscribed. So look for the mail and respond. You'll need to do the same thing when unsubscribing from the list.

I need to change my email address....
If you change service providers or otherwise need to change the email address the Cubs list is using to reach you, do the following:

Send a message to with this message in the body - no
sig. lines:

    unsubscribe cubs youroldemail@address
    subscribe cubs yournewemail@address

That will ask to remove the old address and add the new.  I'll approve it.
But you must send the request from the machine that is setup as

When you need a person instead of a computer . . .
On occasion, like if you suddenly stop receiving mail and you cannot resubscribe, you may need to contact the list administrator, instead of the mail server.

The email address for the list administrator is:

Note that this is the address of a real person, not a computer managing the list. Normal list admin questions should be sent here, but may take a day or so to be handled. Please do not send requests to subscribe or unsubscribe to this address unless you've tried the standard method and tried to fix the problem yourself, and nothing has worked.

If you have a serious problem that requires immediate attention, such as your mail box is being flooded with hundreds of duplicate messages and your system administrator is pulling the plug, mail to the emergency address for the admin: Make your message stand out with a relevant subject line! The administrator gets hundreds of messages each day at this address for list administration things, and if you want quick response, you need to help out! For example:

From: Sid Williams
Subject: ******HELP ME NOW******
Message: Hey, what's happening to me? I get 14 copies of every message I see!!!!

I'll try to get back to you right away, but may not be available for a day or so. Please send only ONE message for help. I will respond as soon as I see it. Seeing 10 messages for the same thing will do little to encourage me to work any faster than one message will.

Using the list.
To send a message to all subscribers of the mailing list, send a regular mail message to Please do not send the list a "test" message "Just to see if it works." If you want to send one when you first subscribe, send something other than "test". If you've been able to subscribe and you're getting mail, it works. Trust us. Also, the software is set to automatically unsubscribe people who post test messages. :-)

Anything sent to the list address goes to everyone on the list, so please read this next section carefully:

What to post and what not to post.
The list can grow large and generate a large volume of mail. There are some general guidelines about what are acceptable topics and what are not. Note that these aren't a single person's ideas -- there are no censors and no censorship -- these are the generally accepted guidelines that have developed over the years and more than a million messages exchanged. Please remember your audience is Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and the kids. Please refrain from vulgar language and any sexual references. I monitor the list using software designed to prevent these references and will immediately remove you from, and bar you from re-subscribing to this list if you do not follow the moral character of my communities standards.  Yep, I sure can do that - I own this list - I control what goes here, it's not a democracy and it's not subject to "freedom of speech".  You're free to say anything that doesn't conflict with my communities standards or any other area or topic that I haven't addressed on the site.

Here's the short version:
Don't post anything you wouldn't like to receive yourself. About 100 times. Or, put another way, don't post anything you wouldn't say to the face of the largest, meanest, drunkest biker in a crowded bar.

Here's the slightly longer version:
Do post about Tiger Cubs, Terriers and other items of interest to the Tiger Cub and Terrier enthusiast, how to treat 'em, buy 'em, sell 'em, show 'em, fix 'em, paint 'em, maintain 'em, what to wear when working on them, great Cubs you've seen, shown or own, how you got bitten, kicked or cut working with them, great rides you've made on of them, tech tips, and anything else you can think of that has even some marginal Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier or other related content.

Questions are fine; we all learn from them.
Do not post about things that aren't or can't be related to Tiger Cub Motorcycles, such as: religion, gun control, politics (club politics, national politics, international politics), "Virus Alerts," $250 cookie recipes, or why fuchia is your favorite color.

If you use a WWW browser as your mail tool, make sure you turn off HTML formatting for your messages.

Do not use words like "subscribe," "unsubscribe," "sign off," or anything similar in the top five lines of your message. The list software thinks it's a command and bounces your message. Either use the standard list synonym (for those words), "Volvo," or start your message with five blank lines. Do not post personal attacks or take private arguments or email public. Do post For Sale "classified ad" messages if you are an individual or posting for a friend. But don't overdo it -- no one likes to live next door to a continuous yard sale. Do not post advertising messages on behalf of a company. (If you do not understand the difference between these last two items, first read the copyright mumbo-jumbo and then the legal spiel on commercial use.

The Cubs mailing list is moderated, which means that people's messages that drift too far off topic will be gently reminded what the purpose of the list is and to please take the topic to private email. It that doesn't work the first time, I'll normally try again one last time and then the abusers will be vaporized.

Ohmigod, I'm not getting any mail!
Every once in a while, you'll wake up and log on or go into work, get a cup of coffee and settle down for your daily fix of Tiger Cub trivia. Only your mailbox will be empty. Try not to take this personally. Everyone else isn't really off somewhere talking about you.

What probably happened is that one of the many computers and network links between your computer and the NMPCS (Cub) server went down or is simply sucking down your bits. When this happens, mail addressed to you is returned (bounces back) to the server. After the server receives several bounces from your address, it reaches the conclusion that something is wrong with the route to your address. So you're unsubscribed. This prevents stacks of messages from being sent back and forth over the net until the problem resolves itself.

To fix the problem, you need to subscribe again. You cannot subscribe to the list twice, so don't worry about it. The worst thing that will happen is that you'll receive an error message from the Cubs server, telling you that you're already a member of the list. If this happens, it means your mail is disappearing into the great bit bucket in the sky. Which means that it's a problem for you and your system administrator to resolve.

If this trouble shooting technique doesn't work, send an email message with your tale of woe to: I'll do my best to help you. However, please remember that I only will offer help with this mailing list, not your computer. Contact your local Computer Technician for that.