Parts Index


I have been trying to make the time to scan in parts catalogs since the day I posted the first page of data for the Cub Site.  I work in the computer industry and though I have found time to do a lot of things that are site related [often much later than expected], managing the time to dedicate to scanning these parts catalogs simply hasn't happened.  Then yesterday I received an email from Buck Lyons offering to send me scans of Parts Catalog No 1.  We emailed a couple times and this morning I found he had spent 4 hours last night, doing exactly what he offered - scanning that parts catalog.  The pages are posted for your use.

Then comes Phil Phillips who offered and scanned in No.5 for us.  Offered on 3/20,  mailed 3/22 and received and posted on 3/25/2002.  Also scanned in 2 & 3 and doing the remainder.

Parts Catalog No. 2 - T15 & T20 From engine No. 3001.
        Sometime in 1954

Parts Catalog No. 3 - T20 Up to engine No. 17388.
        February 1956

Parts Catalog No. 4 - T20/T15 From engine No. 17389

Parts Catalog No. 5 - T20 & T20C From engine No. 26276.
        January 1958

Parts Catalog No. 6 - Not indexed yet.

Parts Catalog No. 1 - T20SM & T20SH From engine No. 101 on.
        September 1965 [includes T20M]


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