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Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 5:20 AM
To: 'Mike Powell'
Subject: RE: tiger cub club

Obviously you took offense to my not seeing value to my belonging to a Cub Club in a country I am very unlikely to visit again.  That wasn't intended.
Have a nice day.
Steve Aikens

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Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 1:08 AM
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Subject: Re: tiger cub club

Oh! very sorry Steve,   
 I was only being sociable.
I too  saw no real benefit, commercial or otherwise, of any association, only that if you were a true Cub enthusiast then we had a shared interest and maybe should be in contact. Can't understand your negative reaction though as we are not a profit centred club and exist only to further the Cub cause. You must know, if you have ever been involved in this kind of organisation, that its impossible to make any money from an owners club, more likely that you finish up topping up the funds from your own pocket. Which is the case over the 8 years I have been involved in it. It seems from your reply that you are only interested in ''seeing value'' for yourself, as you mention it twice, not me. 
We have more than 350 real members rather than virtual ones  although most of these admittedly are UK based we meet regularly and exhibit at major events. The cub site is only a very small part of what we are about and most of our members are of an earlier generation who, like me, live in the real world and many wouldn't know, or wish to, how to switch on a computer, so its of no interest to them. Although there is a 'forum' page on the site I have never made any attempt to develop it as there is little interest here and also I was aware of yours so didn't see much point in it. I would class some 'forums' along with Twitter and Facebook which are increasingly  being viewed here as outlets for self absorbed axe-grinding cranks needing a platform to air, promote or impose their personal views and share their trivial daily functions with other ''followers''. This I find a bit creepy.
We are associated with many of the specialists and suppliers some of whom extend discounts to members which more than compensates for the very reasonable one off fee for life membership, which just about  covers admin expenses. Also we have the support of VMCC marque specialist Mike Estall who is second to none in his knowledge and enthusiasm for Tiger Cubs, but maybe you haven't heard of him either? Most importantly added to all that we are officially recognised by the UK vehicle authority to advise in matters of registration of old vehicles, a free service to members much appreciated by those in need of assistance returning old bikes to regular use, which of course is one of our main raisons de etre. I don't consider myself the 'owner' of the site or the club, it belongs to the membership, and I would gladly hand it over should anyone express an interest in taking it over.
Possibly they may be un-intentional, but, reading your reply, I consider your comments a little pedantic (''allowing'' things to be posted etc. What happended to free speech?) and condescending, so I shall not trouble you further.
No doubt you won't 'allow' this communication to be  posted on  your site.
Mike Powell
Triumph Tiger Cub Club.
cc. M.E.
hi Mike
Do you know this chap Steve Aikens? 
You will see from my reply above that I was considerably miffed by his response to my original communication, which I thought a friendly approach to another enthusiast. Anyway, can't please some people can we, but the Yanks usually are quite amenable aren't they?
Mike P. 
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From: S t e v e A i k e n s
To: 'Mike Powell'
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 5:11 PM
Subject: RE: tiger cub club

I honestly don't see any value in belonging to your club.  I already have far more data posted at than any amount of searching can find from your site. 
Next, I have been aware of your site and club for some time.  I have never heard of anyone that actually belongs - other than the few you mention on your site. 
You have no forum.  The Cub Forum on my site has over 500 members, at least a forth of them are active. 
Everything relating to Cubs that I have ever posted or allowed to be posted on my site, with the exception of for sale items owned by members or vendors - is free.  You chose to charge for belonging to your club yet offer nothing I am aware of in return for paying club fees or dues.
Frankly, it appears to me you're trying to create a club as a money making venture.  I see Cubs as a hobby - not an income producer.
Thank you again for your offer, but I see no true value for myself in your club.
Steve Aikens

From: Mike Powell []
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 5:01 AM
Subject: tiger cub club

Hi Steve, I think we should perhaps be associated in some way, as you are obviously some kind  of Cub Nut, so thought I would make contact to see how we could perhaps co-operate in furthering the mutual obsession.
I have attached the club membership form  which gives brief details of the organisation.
Glad to extend to you the benefit of an honorary life membership (i.e. free) for your efforts to bring like minded individuals together via your forum and to help promote same for you in the future .
Mike Powell
Triumph Tiger Cub Club 

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