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There are various methods available for handling information, navigation and links on Web Sites. Some, like using a left side or top-horizontal frame to hold the link to locations on the pages or to additional pages, are limited by the browsers capability. They may not work at all with some browsers, or some parts may not work properly because of an outdated browser.

My choice of navigation on the site is the use of a couple buttons and simple links within specific pages and to keep bandwidth requirements down (read that to say: keep page load speed up) have you use your "Forward" and "Back" buttons in your browsers (though there are a couple on the site), instead of adding them to the pages. I feel they are redundant and normally serve no purpose you don't already have access to.

Navigation: if you view the Web Site as a filing cabinet, the buttons as the drawers and the underlined links as the file folders containing the pages, I think you'll find navigation of the site simple and fast. What you should know is exactly what can you expect to find in the drawers. In other words, what is my filing system? Here's the list.

Using the button, you'll find the drawer with For Sale and Wanted Ads, along with links to lots of other information on both this site and others that might be of interest to Cub Fans. This is where you can see an old road test of the Cub, you may see a picture or two, and maybe you'd like to see what the factory says about lubricants for your bike.

Using the button, you'll find the real "meat" of this Web Site - the Individual Owners Registry. This is where you find links to peoples bikes, serial numbers, pictures and additional information like stories about how the owners found the bike, why they bought it and how they bought it.

Using the button, you'll pop up an e-mail window so you can easily reach me to tell me what I messed up on.

Using the button, you get returned to the Cub Home Page.

When visiting the Cub Site, if you see a graphic, it's always a good idea to check to see if it's a hot link to something. Some are - some aren't. If it is, you might not find something really cool, if you don't look.

Your comments are welcome. Click the e-mail thingie above and tell me what you'd like to see.