Posting a message in several locations, looking for a copy of an article about a trip John Dunne took in the 50's through Mediterranean Europe on a 1957 Tiger Cub, I received this reply from Wally Skyrman.  Wally's got a couple restored Cubs that he has promised to send photo's of [Hey Wally - where's my pictures!!!??] a 64SM and a 62SS.  Wally also has the full collection of Clymer magazines.  The rest of the story is found below.

Contact Wally for any information you may want concerning articles from these publications at

Hi Steve   What are we looking for?  Am not familiar with the story that John mentions so it would no doubt be in one of the English publications.   I have not had any list forward on folks wanting Cub Stories.   I believe I have a list made up showing a number of articles written on Cubs..

Floyd Clymer bought out Cycle magazine in August 1953 and sold it in Sept. 1966 and Cycle went silent with the last issue in Oct. 1991.   Except for a few pages missing in one issue I have them all.   Also have Cycle World and Motorcyclist plus lots more issues of other magazines...

Wally Skyrman  Central Point, Oregon