Cub Site E-Mail Addresses

Who has one now?

You can access your Cub Mail account on-line from any computer connected to the Internet.

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Would you like a permanent e-mail address hosted on the Cub Site?  That means you can have an e-mail address like, or and that e-mail address would stay with you even if you decided to change service providers.  You will have, and own, that email address as long as the Cub Site is on-line.  I own the domain and address for the next ten years.

One of the major problems we deal with concerning e-mail is if you decide to change service providers from say, AOL, MSN or your local Internet Service Provider, you lose your e-mail address.  People you corresponded with in the past must be contacted and they must all change their address book to reflect your new e-mail address.  A permanent e-mail address solves that problem.  Once you own the address, it simply does not change. Another benefit is if you have an account with a national provider like AOL, you may have an address that's cryptic and difficult to pass along to others easily.  With an address, you most likely can have your name or something easy to pass along.  You can still keep your old e-mail address and get e-mail from both addresses.  All you need do is add your new e-mail address to your e-mail client [that's Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape or what ever program it is you use].  Then, every time you check e-mail it will check both for you.  Another option I will offer you is simply keep your system setup the way it is and I can have email that is addressed to an email address an re-directed to your regular address.  You don't have to make any changes to your existing system.  You tell people your email address is, they send you messages to that address and you receive it without changing anything.

The cost of an e-mail address on the Cub Site is $35.00.  That covers my expenses and setup fees.

If you are interested in having an e-mail address please let me know.  Payment can be made by the obvious cash, check or money order and can also set it up to receive payment using: