Message to the Editor
NADA Guides
January 6, 2001


I posted a message to your web site form on December 11th, noting I believed
there was a problem with the model ranges and values you declare for Triumph
Tiger Cub motorcycles.  The body of the message was lost.  You replied to the
header information of the message asking what the message was about on
December 12th.  I replied 3 hours later.  I have not heard from you since and
there appears to be no corrections on the nada site.

1. Do you intend to add the missing models?
2. Do you intend to address the question regarding values you declare?

At this time, I am removing the link to the nada web site, from the Triumph
Tiger Cub Web Site.  I am replacing that link with one to this email
correspondence in an effort to discredit the information provided on the nada

You are not offering accurate data in reference to the models manufactured and
your valuations of the entire production run of all models, over their 14 year
history, within $100 of each other is absurd.

I'm disappointed that you have chosen not to even offer the courtesy of a
reply to my questions.  I had expected more integrity than to simply be

I don't suffer from insanity......I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Steve Aikens, Clovis, NM

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> Hi Lisa.
> Since you got a blank email, you obviously have a problem with your email form
> on the site.  Below is a copy of my email body.  It refers to some inaccurate
> information and values shown on your site.
> ----------Email copy follows-------------
> I own the Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier Web Site. It is a non-commercial site
> to benefit the Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier community.
> I am often asked why I am promoting Triumph Tiger Cub models that don't exist.
> It appears uninformed individuals are using your Web published information on
> these vintage motorcycles as an "authority" on both the actual values and more
> specifically, exactly what models were available for a given year. Your
> information is at best, inaccurate.
> There are models of the Tiger Cub missing from your lists, by year and model.
> For example, in 1960 you list the T20 and the T20S as the only T20 Cubs for
> that year. There were 5 very different models of the T20 Cub imported to the
> US in 1960.
> T20
> T20C
> T20S
> T20W
> T20J
> Additionally, there were other models, T20T and T20SL that have made their way
> to the US, that were not originally shipped and sold here.
> The "values" you list are clearly mis-informed. You add a disclaimer "1905 -
> Omission of a disclaimer beyond 1935 implies you believe your data is
> accurate. It is not. In all probability that is due to the rarity of complete,
> properly restored Cubs here in the US, and the lack of quality examples to be
> sold through auction. You list all Cubs (in fair condition) 1954 - 1956 at
> $500, All Cubs (in fair condition) 1957 - 1964 at $600 and all BSA built Cubs
> at $500 also in fair condition. In fact, you list every model Cub for every
> year, 1954 to the end of Triumph production in 1964 and then on into BSA
> production - within $100 in similar condition - across the full line you list.
> Un-restored, incomplete and not running, T-20 Cubs generally start at $2000 -
> a far cry from the $600 you state as a value of a "fair" condition 1960 T20 -
> and the T20J, which you fail to recognize, starts at $1500 in poor, not
> running and incomplete condition.
> I would encourage you to visit the Web Site below and perhaps reconsider your
> valuations.
> Steve Aikens
> --
> I don't suffer from insanity......I'm enjoying every minute of it.
> Steve Aikens, Clovis, NM
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